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Thumbs Up for the White Potato! Increase Potassium Intake Without Gaining Weight


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We are punching the air with delight here! Having been brought up to believe that potatoes are the work of the devil and will only make you fat, it is too marvelous for words that scientists are now telling us that potatoes, especially white potatoes, are a must-have in our diets. The reason for this…

Eating Berries Reduces Your Risk of Heart Attack by 32%

Fresh berries

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Most people want to not only find a way to add years to their life, but also to find a way to improve the quality of these years. A recent study published in the journal Circulation that examined the dietary habits of more than 90,000 women over an 18 year period suggests that eating strawberries…

Green Coffee Bean Extract May Help Control Type 2 Diabetes

Grüne KaffeePflanze

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While nobody is suggesting that you start your day staring into a mug of warm, green liquid (a particularly unappetizing concept, especially if you use cream), there is scientific evidence that drinking coffee can help reduce the risk of developing diabetes. It is just that green, or unroasted, coffee beans contain more of the chemical…

[Video] Vitamin D May Reduce Cancer Deaths by as Much as 75%

Vitamin D written in the sand

By: | Category: Vitamin Benefits

Maintaining a serum vitamin D level of between 40 and 60 ng/ml could possibly prevent up to 75 percent of breast cancer and colon cancer deaths. So says Dr Cedric Garland from the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine. This is exciting news for two reasons. A new Computer model called DINOMIT suggests…

Protect Your Liver from Toxins with Milk Thistle Extract

Silybum marianum

By: | Category: Other Nutrients

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 100,000 people in the United States suffer are diagnosed with chronic liver diseases, such as cirrhosis of the liver and hepatitis, each year. Additionally, in 2010, more than 31,000 Americans died because of liver disease.1 In order to avoid becoming part of…

DHA from Algae: A Great Source of Omega-3 for Vegetarians and Vegans

capsules omega 3

By: | Category: Omega-3 Benefits

There are many types of omega-3 fatty acids, but experts agree that Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is the most important of them all. DHA plays a critical role for the proper development and function of the human brain. So critical, in fact, that NASA scientists searched high and low for a nutrient-rich source of DHA to…

Watermelon Helps Relieve Muscle Soreness After Exercise


By: | Category: Diet & Health

In addition to being a refreshing summer fruit, watermelon can apparently relieve muscle soreness after vigorous exercise. Scientists in Spain performed in vitro and in vivo experiments that led them to this conclusion. Watermelon is rich in an amino acid called citrulline, first isolated in 1914. Individuals with rheumatoid arthritis often have antibodies to proteins…

Bitter Melon Juice Inhibits Pancreatic Cancer Growth by 60%


By: | Category: Diet & Health

The bitter melon looks like a knobbly cucumber. It inspires curiosity. It tastes unlike anything you have ever eaten before or would have ever considered eating in the past. However, once you have eaten it and benefited from its rocket fuel-like effects, you learn to actually love the bitter taste, to even crave for it….

Lack of Vitamin D Can Make You Sleepy During the Day

Woman yawning

By: | Category: Vitamin Benefits

Interesting research out of Louisiana State University School of Medicine has compared sleepiness in individuals during the day based on their vitamin D levels using the 25-Hydroxy Blood Test, which is the most common test in determining vitamin D levels in the body. Researchers from the university studied 81 individuals with varying forms of sleep…

Is It Better to Take Individual Supplements or a Multivitamin?

Handful of supplements

By: | Category: Multivitamins

You’ve probably heard about the disease-preventing abilities of certain vitamins and minerals. So you may wonder if it is better to take supplements, such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and calcium individually or if it is better to take a multivitamin, which includes all necessary vitamins and minerals into one package. There are a five…

Vitamin D Associated with a 50% Reduction in Tooth Decay in Children

Smiling boy with diving mask

By: | Category: Vitamin Benefits

A review of pre-existing dental studies on the importance of vitamin D to help prevent tooth decay was published in the latest edition of Nutrition Reviews. The study presents an overview of the clinical trials dating back from the 1920’s to the 1980’s. The result of the studies showed that high vitamin D levels led…

Make Sure to Get Enough Choline in Your Diet for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant woman being examined by a doctor

By: | Category: Other Nutrients

Give your baby a good start in life by making sure you receive adequate amounts of choline during your pregnancy. Choline is a nutrient that is crucial for proper development of your baby’s spinal column and healthy brain function; it also helps to prevent conditions such as spina bifida. Studies have found that most women…

Add Flavor to Your Life with the Many Benefits of Basil

pesto sauce with basil and olive oil on a wooden table

By: | Category: Other Nutrients

When you think of basil, maybe an image of rich aromatic tomato and zesty pesto with pasta dishes come to mind, since this Mediterranean herb is a staple of Italian cooking. Something that you might not know, however, is that practitioners of native Tamil traditional medicine and ayurvedic medical treatments1, which originated on the Indian…

Too Much Sugar Causes Heart Disease

Close up of two hands grabbing a chest

By: | Category: Diet & Health

News from the University of Texas at Houston (UTHealth) is disheartening. We all knew that eating too many sugary treats causes weight gain and that weight gain is bad for the heart. We also knew that people who consumed high levels of added sugar in processed foods and soft drinks were at higher risk of…

The Unique Benefits of Enteric-Coated Multivitamins

Digestive system

By: | Category: Multivitamins

Have you taken an Aspirin lately? If you have, you may have noticed that Aspirin tablets are now enteric-coated. This is because acetylsalicylic acid, the active ingredient of Aspirin, can upset your stomach and enteric coating helps prevent that. What is enteric coating? You can think of an enteric coating like a thin armor that…

7 Benefits of Taking a Magnesium Supplement


By: | Category: Mineral Benefits

If someone was to ask you what is the one supplement you can take to improve your mood, lower your risk of heart attack, and help prevent osteoporosis, what would your response be? Most people would not think of magnesium, but every organ in your body uses this essential mineral. To help you understand just…

Feeling Blue? Folate Supplementation Can Relieve Symptoms of Depression

Junge Frau in Sorge

By: | Category: Vitamin Benefits

Today, depression affects one in ten adults in the United States. According to the World Health Organization, by the year 2020, Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) could be the Number Two cause of disability in the world. This is a particularly alarming statistic for Baby Boomers; according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),…

Infographic: 20 Calcium Rich Foods That Should be Part of Your Diet


By: | Category: Diet & Health, Mineral Benefits

Want to share this image on your site? Use the HTML code below to embed this infographic: <img src=”” width=”720px” border=”0″/><br /><strong>Infographic republished from <a href=””></a></strong> Not able to meet your calcium requirements from food alone? Consider adding a high-quality, whole-food calcium supplement to your diet.   Calcium is one of the most important nutrients…

New Help for Asthma Sufferers – Can Ginger Help You Breathe Easier?


By: | Category: Diet & Health

Asthmatics have a hard time being happy. Spring and summer bring pollen, pollution, coughs, wheezes and sneezes. Winter time is a drag because low temperatures and rainy weather bring the same thing. For only a few short weeks of the year, people with asthma enjoy having nothing to complain about. In addition to being a…

Eat Your Veggies to Decrease Your Risk of Breast Cancer

vegetables and fruits

By: | Category: Diet & Health

Scientists have long speculated that fruits and vegetables lower breast cancer risk, and new research has provided insight into a particular type of breast cancer. Eating fresh produce was found to decrease certain type of breast cancer classified as estrogen receptor-negative (ER-). Although there is no current scientific link between eating lots of fruits and…

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