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Curcumin Can Help Relieve Painful Joint Swelling of Arthritis

Traditional spices market in India.

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Curcumin may sound like a pharmaceutical drug, but it’s actually a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant naturally derived from turmeric. You may have heard of this yellow spice used in India for over 4,000 years to cook, and to combat inflammation. In 2012, a global team of scientists conducted a clinical trial that proves just how…

The Amazing Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

jar and tablespoon of chia seeds

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It may be time for you to dust off and replant your chia pet. That’s right, that cute, quirky ‘70s craze, the chia pet, could be your ally in the quest for better health. If you weren’t around then, or in case you have forgotten what they are, chia pets are clay pots that are…

Organic Tomatoes Are Tastier Because They Grow in More Stressful Conditions

Tomatoes on a stem

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Any tomato lover will tell you that these garden-fresh fruits taste like little bursts of sunshine. When tomatoes are grown using organic farming techniques, they are also packed with natural sugars, vitamin C, lycopene and other plant compounds that offer their consumers additional protection from the aging and damaging effects of oxidative stress compared to…

Can Nanotechnology Make Your Vitamin Supplements Better?

nano particles

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Often when people hear about nanotechnology and nutritional supplements, they have concerns about consuming “engineered” products. If this is a concern for you, take some time to learn what nanotechnology is and how using it in vitamin supplements increases the benefits for you, the consumer. Once you learn about the science used to create nano…

Can Vitamin E Protect Your Prostate?

Vitamin E capsules

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Although the rate of prostate cancer in the United States decreased between 1999 and 20071, it is still the second most common malignancy in the world and the sixth leading cause of cancer deaths in men2. Most men over the age of 80 will be afflicted with the disease. In the majority of these cases,…

CoQ10 Can Help You Stay Mentally Sharp and Physically Active in Your Golden Years

Grandmother and granddaughter.

By: | Category: Other Nutrients

If you have reached middle age, you likely have experienced difficulty remembering recent events or found it almost impossible to recall the right word during a conversation. Other times you might have found it challenging to move as quickly as you did a few years ago. Most people laugh this off as just a normal…

Over 50% of Americans Currently Take Dietary Supplements


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The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) followed persons older than one year with regard to uses of dietary supplements including multivitamins. The NHANES used a questionnaire with the interview completed at home along with a health exam to gather the needed statistics. Following the dietary reference intake (DRI) guide, the analysis of the survey took findings…

The Health Benefits of Valerian

Echter Baldrian (Valeriana officinalis)

By: | Category: Other Nutrients

Valerian is a dietary supplement prepared from the roots of the plant, Valeriana officinalis. The reported sedative and anxiolytic effects of valerian have been attributed to its activity on the GABA receptor. Other drugs which act on the GABAergic system include the benzodiazepines (BDZs) (valium, lorazepam, etc.) and barbiturates (sodium amytal, sodium pentothal, etc.). Valerian…

Get Off Your Butt! Sitting for More than 4 Hours a Day Is Bad for Your Health

Businesswoman Having Backache At Work

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That’s right. Sitting is bad for you. So lie down and read what the scientists have discovered while you have been dangerously sitting at your computer. Professor Richard Rosenkranz and colleagues at the University of Western Sydney, studied the relationship between time spent sitting and chronic disease in 63,048 males between the ages of 45…

Three Amazing Health Benefits of Cranberries


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You are most likely aware that cranberry juice is known to help in the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections, but do you know about the other health benefits associated with these nutrient dense berries? 1. Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease If one of your health goals is to reduce your risk of…

What Are the Best Vitamins for Strong, Healthy Nails?

Women french manicure

By: | Category: Mineral Benefits, Vitamin Benefits

Did you know that your nails are an appendage of the skin composed of living cells reinforced by a rigid, filamentous protein called keratin? Well, now you do. Other filament-associated proteins used in your nails include trichohyalin and proteins that are high in tyrosine, glycine and sulphur-containing amino acid subunits. Your nails are also composed…

Why Zinc Supplementation Becomes More Important as We Age?

Aging woman

By: | Category: Mineral Benefits

As we age, dietary supplementation of zinc plays a role in preventing cancer, supporting the immune system, and controlling the inflammation that is associated with many health problems, including autoimmune disorders and diabetes. The cells that constitute the immune system are particularly vulnerable to zinc deficiency. Zinc plays an essential role in the protection of these…

What Are the Best Multivitamins for Children in 2015?

Child taking a multivitamin

By: | Category: Multivitamins

Supplementing your child’s diet with a daily multivitamin can be one of the best things you can do for their health. There are 13 vitamins and 14 essential minerals that an infant needs in order to grow and develop properly. Here are several examples of what some of these essential nutrients can do for your…

Vitamin D May Hold Key Role in DNA Repair

DNA helix

By: | Category: Vitamin Benefits

Here is how your DNA works in layman’s terms. Deoxyribonucleic acid, commonly known as DNA, is the hereditary material you inherited from your parents. Your genome can be compared to a book that contains all genetic instructions for your body. A change within the internal features of the cells known as nucleotides can alter your genome. A point mutation…

What to Feed the Grandparents – Nutritional Factors for Healthy Muscle in Seniors


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From the age of 25 onwards, adults undergo a gradual loss of skeletal muscle mass, strength and quality to the tune of 0.5 percent to 1 percent each year. This is called sarcopenia, from the Greek word meaning “poverty of flesh.” While this loss can be slowed down by regular exercise, even the most highly…

Do You Live in the City? Stock Up on Vitamin D Supplements

Young businesswoman on laptop at café

By: | Category: Vitamin Benefits

If you are one of the billions of people living in the urban centers of the world, you may not be getting enough vitamin D. As you may know, the best way for your body to get vitamin D is through the skin’s exposure to sunlight. However, most of the major city centers in the…

5 Factors That Affect the Bioavailability of Your Vitamin Supplement

Woman taking a supplement

By: | Category: Vitamin Benefits

Once you eat a meal or swallow a vitamin tablet, it begins a complex journey through your digestive system. Bioavailability is the portion of a given active ingredient that is capable of being absorbed through your intestinal membranes into your bloodstream and made available for use by your organs. According to Bates and Heseker, the…

Reduce Your Risk of Stroke and Heart Attacks with Vitamin B1

Older people exercising in the gym

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If you are like most people, you want to do everything possible to reduce your risk of stroke, and you have good reason to do so. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 750,000 people in the United States have strokes each year and in 130,000 of them, the stroke is fatal….

Can Vitamin D Help Your Child’s Eczema?

Baby has eczema on his face

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Parents of children with eczema know how debilitating such a skin disease can be. Eczema in children is a chronic allergic skin condition, leading to pain, inflammation, and an absolutely maddening itch. Rates of eczema in the United States alone have tripled over the past thirty years and currently affect almost 20 percent of American…

What is FDA’s Position on Nutritional Supplements?

Supplement facts

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If you are considering taking a vitamin supplement, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has specific guidelines in place which might be of interest to you. The FDA’s definition of dietary supplements includes products which are taken orally and are used to supplement your diet. Vitamins aren’t alone in this category being joined by a variety…

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