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How to Lose Weight with White Bean Extract

How to Lose Weight with White Bean Extract

With a busy schedule, you may find it difficult to sit down to a low calorie, nutritious meal every day and just grab some fast food to eat when you are on the go. Perhaps you eat well, but have little time to go to the gym or exercise on a regular basis. When taken together, high-calorie, highly processed foods laden with simple carbohydrates plus a lack of exercise lead to gradual weight gain over time.

Obesity is at epidemic levels in the United States

As of 2010, more than 66 percent of adults in the United States are either overweight or obese.1 Even though you may restrict your calorie intake and exercise regularly, you may not be able to shed the extra pounds. The CDC views the spike in obesity rates as a public health concern because as the pounds add up, your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke increases.2 Fortunately, new research from scientists in Germany and the United Kingdom may provide a solution for those who have difficulty losing and keeping off extra weight.

Adults lose 5 percent of their body weight with white bean extract

One of the causes of weight gain is the body’s absorption of excessive amounts of starch. The scientists who conducted this study discovered that extracts from the white bean Phaseolus vulgaris contained a substance the blocked the digestion of starches. The goal of the study was to determine if the extract is effective in helping people lose weight and maintain the loss.

Half the subjects in the study took two 500mg capsules containing 3 percent of the extract three times a day before they ate a reduced meal for 12 weeks while they were in the weight loss phases. The other group took a capsule containing a placebo. During the 24-week weight maintenance phase, the dosage of the supplements remained the same, but the subjects could eat freely. The research team weighed each participant at the beginning of the study, then at four week intervals.

The scientists found that 30.6 percent of the people who took the white bean supplements lost at least five percent of their body weight, which is significantly more than the 8.6 percent of the subjects in the control group who lost a comparable amount of weight. Additionally, 73.5 percent of the participants who took the capsules with the active ingredient were able to maintain their weight loss.3

White kidney bean extract was recently profiled on the Dr. Oz Show, where it was touted as one of the most useful supplements for weight loss. You can see a recording of this segment here.

See for yourself the difference white bean supplements make in your weight loss efforts.

If you want to see how white bean extract may boost your weight loss efforts and help you keep off those unwanted pounds, then order your white kidney bean supplement today.



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