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Are Key Nutrients Lacking From Your Diet?

Are Key Nutrients Lacking From Your Diet?

The United States may be one of the richest nations in the world, but Americans are still failing to get the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Of a particular concern are vitamins A, C and E along with essential minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. Research found that 93% of Americans were not getting the required daily intake (RDA) of these nutrients. Vitamin C levels were deemed inadequate for 33% of adults who do not smoke and for a whopping 76% of the ones who do.

If you have teenagers, you may want to take a closer look at what they’re eating. Findings have shown that 10% of boys and 25% of girls don’t even get half of the calcium they actually need. Among adults, the numbers are even lower with 25% to 50% having calcium intake at less than half of the established guidelines. A daily 1000 mg calcium supplement with added vitamin D would provide an adequate supply of this essential mineral.

Recent research has recommended increasing vitamin D in the global population to aid in the absorption of calcium which is important for improving bone health. Current data indicates that nearly ½ of world population is below established intake levels. Individuals with darker skin tones, the elderly or those living in northern regions are most likely to be vitamin D deficient which hinders calcium’s ability to work properly within the body. Vitamin D has a low bulk density so higher levels can be easily added to a multivitamin tablet which is potentially the best means of dietary supplementation.

If established intake guidelines are followed, it makes sense that it’s more beneficial for individuals to add a multivitamin to their diet which contains both calcium and vitamin D. This will ensure that adequate amounts of nutrients are being achieved to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In terms of value for money, multivitamins are the most convenient and cost effective method of insuring adequate levels of nutrients are being obtained.

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