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Selenium Linked to a 25% Reduction in the Risk of Developing Diabetes

Selenium Linked to a 25% Reduction in the Risk of Developing Diabetes

A 5-year study by Harvard University showed that higher levels of selenium in the body were associated with a reduced risk for type-2 diabetes. Two separate sets of data from over 7000 men and women were analyzed by Harvard University and Yeungnam University in Korea which indicated subjects with higher levels of selenium found in their toenails were 25% less likely to develop type-2 diabetes. The beginning of the study showed no subjects with type-2 diabetes and ended up with 780 of the participants suffering from the disease.

This data is supported by a separate review paper from the Nutrition and Metabolism Center at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute in Oakland (CHORI) which reported that long-term selenium deficiencies can be harmful. The general message from the results was that those with higher dietary intake and levels of selenium in their body were positively correlated with diabetes-free subjects.

What is selenium?

Selenium is a chemical element that is essential to the body. It is a nutrient found in metal ores and, while harmful at high levels, is essential to the proper functioning of critical cells in all animals. Selenium is very important to such vital organs, such as the heart, and processes, such as sperm production. The recommended dietary intake of selenium is only 200 micrograms a day, yet it is reported that the diets of many Americans only contains about half of the recommended amount. From a clinical standpoint, selenium is the sole mineral approved by the FDA for use as a cancer-reducing agent, specifically for thyroid, bladder and prostate cancer. Selenium’s power as an anti-cancer nutrient and the general deficiency in a normal diet make it a popular supplement among individuals wishing to prevent cancer.

If you think you are not getting enough of this mineral in your diet, you can take a multivitamin with selenium.

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