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Why Vitamin K Is Essential for the Health of Your Bones

Why Vitamin K Is Essential for the Health of Your Bones

Falling on a hard surface brings the force of impact on bone which may already be impaired due to a deficiency of vitamin K. This force is generally protected by a couple of proteins known as osteopontin and osteocalcin, which deform into nanoscale holes and help in the prevention of further bone damage due to breakage. However, if either protein is missing, the force may overcome this natural defense mechanism and cause a fracture to the bone.

Issues which include Type 2 diabetes and reproductive health were already known to be affected by abnormal osteocalcin levels but recently, engineers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute conducted a study to highlight the importance of osteocalcin in overall bone strength. Deepak Vashishth of Rensselaer was joined by the universities of Villanova and Yale in this important study which may shed new light on the importance of osteocalcin in deterring osteoporosis and strengthening bone. Their research was an initial milestone in the study of fractures in the nanostructure of the bone.

Their findings indicated that a possible increase in osteocalcin may give bones the added edge needed to remain strong. Past studies have focused on calcium being the essential mineral in the fight against osteoporosis but the research from this study indicated that osteocalcin is equally important. Additionally, the research indicates that vitamin K intake, which is necessary in the process for absorption of osteocalcin into the bone, should be recommended to people at risk for osteoporosis.

So if you want to improve the health of your bones and start taking a calcium supplement, ensure that it includes vitamin K (preferably vitamin K2 in the form of Menaquinone). An excellent bone health supplement which we recommend is Not Just Joints by Xtend-Life.

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