7 Things You Didn't Know About Vitamin D

7 Things Your Didn’t Know About Vitamin D. Fact 1: Most Vitamin D3 supplements are derived from Lanolin, which is a type of wax found in sheep’s wool. See the rest at MultivitaminGuide.org/VitaminD
2) Sunscreen reduces your skin's ability to produce Vitamin D by up to 95%. 3) On a sunny summer day your body can make 10,000 IU of Vitamin D in 20 minutes. 4) People with dark skin need to spend much longer in the sun in order to make the same amount of Vitamin D as people with light skin. 5) Vitamin D supplements can improve your dental health and prevent tooth cavities. 6) Vitamin D is needed for the proper functioning of over 200 genes in your body. 7) There are over 800 published studies indicating that vitamin D supplementation may help prevent certain types of cancer.



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