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Best Vitamins for Pregnancy

Comparison of 106 Multivitamins Specifically Designed for Pregnant Women

The demands put on the bodies of pregnant women are truly astonishing. During this time, future mothers need not only to meet their own nutritional needs, but also those of their unborn child. While expecting moms need from 15 to 30 percent more calories per day, their need for certain vitamins and minerals increases by as much as 50 percent.1

In fact, the daily recommended intake (DRI) of 14 out of the 21 essential micronutrients are higher for women expecting a child.2 Since it is nearly impossible for pregnant women to meet their nutritional needs from diet alone, they need to take supplements that contain the vitamins and minerals essential for their health, as well as the health of their child.

Effectiveness Scores of Prenatal Multivitamins

The table below provides a summary of the Effectiveness Scores of some of the best prenatal multivitamin brands available on the market. Any product with a score that exceeds 8.0 is considered to be "excellent". For best results, using a prenatal vitamin supplement with a score of 8.0 or above is strongly advised.

1 NATURELO Premium Supplements Whole Food Prenatal Multivitamin 9.5
2MegaFood Baby & Me 2 Multivitamin 9.1
3New ChapterPerfect Prenatal Multivitamin 8.9
4Garden of LifeVitamin Code RAW Prenatal Multivitamin 8.8
5MetagenicsWellness Essentials Pregnancy 8.6
6Douglas LaboratoriesPrenatal Pack 8.5
7Rainbow LightComplete Prenatal System 8.4
8Country LifeMaxi Pre-Natal Multi Vitamins 8.2
9Source NaturalsMother's Choice Prenatal Multiple 8.0
10Nutritional FrontierMulti Prenatal 7.9
11Davinci LabUltimate Prenatal 7.8
12Rainbow LightPrenatal One + DHA Packs 7.7
13True Fit Vitamins Prenatal Plus 7.7
14Pure Essence Labs Mother To Be Prenatal 7.6
15Rainbow LightPrenatal Petite 7.5
16VitabasePreNatal Plus 7.5
17SolarayBaby-Me-Now 7.4
18Biotics ResearchPre-Natal Packs 7.4
19Trace Minerals ResearchLiquid Multi Vitamin-Mineral 7.3
20Jarrow FormulasPreg-Natal + DHA Packets 7.2
21FoodFactsTriPrenatal Plus 7.1
22MegaFood Baby & Me, Herb Free 7.1
23Rainbow LightPrenatal One Multivitamin 7.0
24SolgarPrenatal Nutrients 7.0
25Seeking HealthOptimal Prenatal 7.0
26Innate Response FormulasBaby & Me Trimester I & II 6.9
27GNCWomen's Prenatal Program 6.9
28Douglas LaboratoriesPrenatal 6.8
29PhysiologicsPre-Natal Formula 6.7
30Puritan's PridePre-Natal Complex 6.6
31Pure EncapsulationsPrenatal Nutrients 6.6
32Buried TreasurePreNatal Plus DHA Complete 6.5
33Biogenesis NutraceuticalsUltra Natal (Prenatal Vitamin) 6.4
34Nature's Way Completia Prenatal Multivitamin 6.4
35Integrative TherapeuticsPrenatal Forte 6.3
36Anabolic LaboratoriesAved-Prenatal Multi 6.3
37Thompson (Nutraceutical)Prenatal Formula 6.2
38Nature's Way Prenatal Complete Multivitamin Formula 6.1
39Vitalah Oxylent Prenatal Multivitamin Drink 6.1
40Good n NaturalPre Natal Complex 6.0
41SimilacPrental Multivitamin + DHA/Lutein 5.9
42Vital NutrientsPreNatal Multi-Nutrients 5.9
43Super Nutrition Simply One Prenatal 5.8
44Deva Vegan Vitamins Prenatal Vitamins 5.7
45Nature's PlusUltra Prenatal 5.7
46Emerald Labs (Ultra Labs)Prenatal Multi Vit-A-Min Raw Whole-Food 5.6
47BrainStrongPrenatal Multivitamin 5.6
48MetagenicsFem Prenatal 5.5
49Easy2Swallow VitaminsPrenatal Vitamins 5.4
50GNCUltra Mega Green Prenatal 5.3
51Nature's LifePrenatal Multiple Vit/Min 5.3
52GNCWomen's Prenatal Formula with DHA 5.2
53Rainbow LightCertified Organic Prenatal Multivitamin 5.2
54Pure Life Prenatal Multi-Plus 5.1
55Thorne ResearchBasic Prenatal 5.1
56My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Essentials 5.0
57Kal (Nutraceutical)Advanced Prenatal Formula 5.0
58Nature's PlusSource Of Life Prenatal 4.9
59KarunaMAXXI-Natal 4.9
60CarlsonPreNatal Multiple with DHA 4.8
61NOW FoodsPrenatal + DHA 4.8
62NewMarkPrenatal Synbiotic Nutrients 4.8
63Design For HealthPrenatal Pro 4.7
64Priority OnePre-Natal 4.6
65Pure Essence LabsOne 'n' Only PreNatal Multiple 4.5
66Kal (Nutraceutical)Vita Mom Prenatal Formula 4.5
67Maxi Health Health One Prenatal 4.4
68Nature's PlusPrenatal Woman's Dietary Supplement 4.4
69TwinlabPre-Natal Care 4.3
70Nature's PlusPrenatal Liquid Multi 4.2
71Delta LabsMultivitamin Prenatal 4.2
72Centrum Specialist Specialist Complete Multivitamin: Prenatal 4.1
73Super Nutrition PreNatal Blend 2 4.0
74Integrative therapeuticsClinical Nutrients Prenatal Formula 4.0
75Enzymatic TherapyDoctor's Choice Prenatal Multivitamin 3.9
76One A Day (Bayer)Women's Prenatal Multivitamin 3.9
77Progressive LabsPrenatal Multiple 3.8
78GNCUltra Mega Green Prenatal 3.8
79Country Life Realfood Organics Prenatal Multivitamin 3.7
80WalgreensPharmacist's Support Prenatal+DHA 3.7
81Nature's SunshineNature's Prenatal 3.6
82StuartPrenatal + DHA, Multivitamins 3.5
83Olympian Labs Brand New Mother Premium Multivitamin 3.5
84Kirkland Signature (Costco)Prenatal Advanced Care Vitamins/Minerals 3.4
85Eclectic InstituteVita Natal 3.3
86Lifetime ProfessionalPrenatal Formula 3.3
8721st CenturyPrenatal Multivitamin + DHA 120 3.2
88Perry (Kirkman's Group)Prenatal 3.2
89Natures AidNatures Aid Prenatal Support 3.1
90BellybarBellybar Prenatal Chewable 3.1
91Nature's Blend (Swanson)Prenatal Formula Multivitamin 3.0
92Nature MadePrenatal Multi + DHA 2.9
93Nature's BountyPrenatal Vitamins 2.9
94Nutrition NowPrenatal Gummy Vitamins  2.9
95Vitafusion (Northwest)PreNatal Gummy Vitamins 2.8
9621st CenturyPreNatal 2.7
97Finest Nutrition (Walgreens)Prenatal Vitamin 2.7
98Sundown NaturalsPrenatal, Vitamin & Mineral Formula 2.6
99Body First (Allstarthealth)Prenatal Multi 2.5
100StuartPrenatal Multivitamin/Multimineral 2.5
101WalgreensPre-Natal Vitamin Tablets 2.5
102RugbyPrenavite Prenatal Formula 2.4
103Nature MadeMulti Prenatal, Tablets 2.4
104Olympian LabsAspiring Mother Premium Multivitamin 2.3
105Prescribed ChoicePre-Natal Multivitamin 2.3
106PremamaPrenatal Vitamin Powdered Supplement Mix 2.2

Do Expecting Mothers Really Need Vitamin Supplements?

While pregnant and breastfeeding women are often reminded that they are “eating for two,” this advice does not mean calorie intake; rather, it refers to the nutrients needed by both mother and child.

When pregnant women do not get sufficient vitamins and minerals, they put their health and the health of their unborn child at risk. Some of the consequences of nutritional deficiencies for the mother and the unborn child include the following:

The effects of maternal malnutrition have lifelong consequences for the child. When a fetus does not get the vitamins and minerals it needs, the child has an increased risk for chronic health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and heart disease.3

Given the severe consequences of poor nutrition for both mother and child, women need to ensure the supplement they take during pregnancy has all the essential nutrients they need, as well as those required by their unborn child.

Which vitamins and minerals are most critical for a healthy pregnancy?

When choosing a nutritional supplement to take during pregnancy, expectant mothers need to check to make sure it contains the following nutrients:


While the current Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for folic acid (the synthetic form of folate) is 600 mcg per day, a Hungarian study of more than 5,400 pregnant women found that those who took supplements containing 800 mcg reduced their risk of having a child born with a neural tube defect by 90 percent. Folate is also essential for healthy fetal brain and spinal cord development and reducing the risk of heart defects and the development of a cleft palate.3,4,5


If pregnant women do not have the recommended 1000 mg of calcium per day, the fetus will rob the mother's bones and teeth of this nutrient. Additionally, calcium deficiency during pregnancy is also associated with circulatory, muscle, and nervous system problems. The developing fetus also needs calcium for bone development.3.5

Vitamin D

The Vitamin D Council recommends that expectant mothers have 4,000 IU of vitamin D daily in order to avoid birth complications. The fetus also needs this nutrient to develop strong bones and teeth.3,5,6


The RDI for iron during pregnancy is 27 mg, which is double that needed by women who are not pregnant. The reason for this significant increase is that not only does the blood volume of expecting mothers double during pregnancy, but they also have to produce the blood supply for the growing fetus. 3, 4, 5

Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

The RDI of 1.4 mg for riboflavin is 27 percent higher during pregnancy than at any other time during a woman’s life. Pregnant women who develop a biotin deficiency are 4.7 times more likely to develop pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure and protein in the urine) and 5 percent of these women progress to fatal eclampsia.3

Biotin (vitamin B7)

Even though the RDI for biotin (30 mcg/day) is the same for future moms and women who are not pregnant, 30 percent of women develop a biotin deficiency while they are carrying their child. The developing fetus uses a significant amount of this vitamin for producing new cells and protein. Biotin is also necessary for healthy immune functioning for the mother and the newborn child.3

Vitamin A

The RDI for vitamin A during pregnancy is 2567 IU per day. This nutrient is essential for fetal cell growth, correct gene expression, and the development of healthy eyes, ears, limbs, and immune system. Vitamin A deficiency puts the expectant mother at risk for anemia.3

Omega 3 fatty acids

The recommended intake for omega 3 fatty acids during pregnancy is 1.4 grams per day. This nutrient is essential for the development of the fetus’s central nervous system, as well as to prevent premature birth and low birth weight. Additionally, an Australian study found that the children whose mothers took omega 3 supplements during pregnancy scored higher on eye-hand coordination tests than children whose mothers did not take this supplement.7,8,9


Should you take vitamin supplements while breastfeeding?

When a new mom starts breastfeeding her newborn baby, her nutritional needs increase even more compared to when she was pregnant. Even though she needs 500 more calories than women who are not lactating, her nutritional needs are greater than what she can get from her diet alone. In the event a woman does not get the nutrients she needs, her body will strip what is needed from her system to produce breast milk.

Essential nutrients during lactation

Some women continue to take their prenatal supplements while they are breastfeeding, thinking they are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need. The reality is that they are not. In fact, there are significant differences in the micronutrients needs of expectant and breastfeeding mothers. For example, breastfeeding moms need 50 percent less iron than non-lactating women.10 On the other hand, their need for iodine goes up by 90 percent to support their child’s thyroid and nervous system development.11,12

Some other examples of the other essential micronutrients needed by breast feeding mothers include:

B vitamins

If a mother develops deficiencies in these nutrients, she is putting her child at risk for impairments in brain development, neurological disorders, and anemia.11

Vitamin A

A women needs 4333 IU of vitamin A when breastfeeding, which is 86 percent more than what she needs at other times of her life. Her child needs this nutrient for healthy eye development, as well as to decrease the risk of stunted growth, infection, and poor appetite.13,14

You can find the complete list of micronutrients you need while pregnant and lactating in the table below. The "difference" column indicates how much higher or lower the vitamin needs of pregnant or lactating women are, compared to when they are not pregnant.

Table 2: RDIs for Pregnant and Lactating Women

Nutrient Unit Not Pregnant Pregnant Lactating
Vitamin A IU 2333 2567 4333
Vitamin C mg 75 85 120
Vitamin D IU 600 600 600
Vitamin E IU 22 22 28
Vitamin K mcg 90 90 90
Thiamin mg 1.1 1.4 1.4
Riboflavin mg 1.1 1.4 1.6
Niacin mg 14 18 17
Vitamin B6 mg 1.3 1.9 2
Folate mcg 400 600 500
Vitamin B12 mcg 2.4 2.6 2.8
Panto. Acid mg 5 6 7
Biotin mcg 30 30 35
Calcium mg 1000 1000 1000
Chromium mcg 25 30 45
Copper mcg 900 1000 1300
Iodine mcg 150 220 290
Iron mg 18 27 9
Magnesium mg 320 350 310
Manganese mg 1.8 2 2.6
Molybdenum mcg 45 50 50
Selenium mcg 55 60 70
Zinc mg 8 11 12
Potassium g 4.7 4.7 5.1

Choosing a supplement

Given the importance of sound nutrition for both pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, it is essential that you select a high quality supplement. Table1 presented above provides a good summary of the best prenatal vitamin supplements available on the market today.

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