Garden of Life mykind Organics Prenatal Multi Review

Garden of Life mykind Organics multivitamins review

Garden of Life mykind Organics Multi is formulated and distributed by Garden of Life LLC, a division of Atrium Innovations Inc. The company is based in West Palm Beach, Florida, while the parent company is headquartered in Canada. Below is our summary of the strong and weak points of this supplement:

Product Strengths

  • Whole-food based: Most vitamins and minerals have been derived from fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  • Certified Organic: The ingredients do not include traces of pesticides or fertilizers.
  • GMO-Free: None of the ingredients have been genetically modified.

Product Weaknesses

  • Missing some key nutrients: You may need to buy additional products in order to to obtain the necessary Omega-3 fatty acids and Calcium, which are critical during pregnancy.
  • Price too low: Extraction of vitamins from organic plants is very expensive. There is no explanation as to how the company is able to offer this supplement for a fraction of the cost of the actual fruits and vegetables it is derived from. This raises the question - are the ingredients really derived from actual fruits and vegetables? Or are they simply created via fermantation of synthetic vitamins?
  • Not 100% organic: The product includes some non-organic nutrients, such as lichen and natto, but it is understandable as certified organic versions of these plants are not widely available.

The Bottom Line

Based on our analysis, we believe that currently this is one of the best prenatal multivitamins on the market. Our only additional advice is to supplement this product with extra Omega-3 and Calcium supplements in order to obtain all critical nutrients your baby needs.

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Best Vitamins for Pregnancy

How does Garden of Life mykind Organics compare with other multivitamin brands? offers comparison between the Garden of Life mykind Organics multivitamins and of all major vitamin supplements available on the market.

Some of the unique aspects of this guide include comparison of the Garden of Life mykind Organics Multivitamin with 100 other vitamin supplement products, including popular brands such as One-A-Day, GNC, Equate, Kirkland, Shaklee, Nature Made, NOW Foods, Melaleuca, Puritan’s Pride, Herbalife, TwinLab, and Walgreens.

The information on this site is the culmination of over 6 years of scientific research and analysis. Each of the reviewed products is evaluated against 4 key parameters, such as composition, bioavailability, potency and safety. Then each supplement is assigned a score from 0 to 10, which enables you to easily compare the effectiveness of different brands.

Ranking of all evaluated multivitamins

The table below provides a summary of the Effectiveness Scores of some of the more popular vitamin supplement brands available on the market.

Any vitamin supplement with a score that exceeds 8.0 is considered to be "excellent". For that reason, using a multivitamin product with a score of 8.0 or above is strongly advised.

1 NATURELO Premium Supplements Whole Food Prenatal Multivitamin 9.5
2MegaFood Baby & Me 2 Multivitamin 9.1
3New ChapterPerfect Prenatal Multivitamin 8.9
4Garden of LifeVitamin Code RAW Prenatal Multivitamin 8.8
5MetagenicsWellness Essentials Pregnancy 8.6
6Douglas LaboratoriesPrenatal Pack 8.5
7Rainbow LightComplete Prenatal System 8.4
8Country LifeMaxi Pre-Natal Multi Vitamins 8.2
9Source NaturalsMother's Choice Prenatal Multiple 8.0
10Nutritional FrontierMulti Prenatal 7.9
11Davinci LabUltimate Prenatal 7.8
12Rainbow LightPrenatal One + DHA Packs 7.7
13True Fit Vitamins Prenatal Plus 7.7
14Pure Essence Labs Mother To Be Prenatal 7.6
15Rainbow LightPrenatal Petite 7.5
16VitabasePreNatal Plus 7.5
17SolarayBaby-Me-Now 7.4
18Biotics ResearchPre-Natal Packs 7.4
19Trace Minerals ResearchLiquid Multi Vitamin-Mineral 7.3
20Jarrow FormulasPreg-Natal + DHA Packets 7.2
21FoodFactsTriPrenatal Plus 7.1
22MegaFood Baby & Me, Herb Free 7.1
23Rainbow LightPrenatal One Multivitamin 7.0
24SolgarPrenatal Nutrients 7.0
25Seeking HealthOptimal Prenatal 7.0
26Innate Response FormulasBaby & Me Trimester I & II 6.9
27GNCWomen's Prenatal Program 6.9
28Douglas LaboratoriesPrenatal 6.8
29PhysiologicsPre-Natal Formula 6.7
30Puritan's PridePre-Natal Complex 6.6
31Pure EncapsulationsPrenatal Nutrients 6.6
32Buried TreasurePreNatal Plus DHA Complete 6.5
33Biogenesis NutraceuticalsUltra Natal (Prenatal Vitamin) 6.4
34Nature's Way Completia Prenatal Multivitamin 6.4
35Integrative TherapeuticsPrenatal Forte 6.3
36Anabolic LaboratoriesAved-Prenatal Multi 6.3
37Thompson (Nutraceutical)Prenatal Formula 6.2
38Nature's Way Prenatal Complete Multivitamin Formula 6.1
39Vitalah Oxylent Prenatal Multivitamin Drink 6.1
40Good n NaturalPre Natal Complex 6.0
41SimilacPrental Multivitamin + DHA/Lutein 5.9
42Vital NutrientsPreNatal Multi-Nutrients 5.9
43Super Nutrition Simply One Prenatal 5.8
44Deva Vegan Vitamins Prenatal Vitamins 5.7
45Nature's PlusUltra Prenatal 5.7
46Emerald Labs (Ultra Labs)Prenatal Multi Vit-A-Min Raw Whole-Food 5.6
47BrainStrongPrenatal Multivitamin 5.6
48MetagenicsFem Prenatal 5.5
49Easy2Swallow VitaminsPrenatal Vitamins 5.4
50GNCUltra Mega Green Prenatal 5.3
51Nature's LifePrenatal Multiple Vit/Min 5.3
52GNCWomen's Prenatal Formula with DHA 5.2
53Rainbow LightCertified Organic Prenatal Multivitamin 5.2
54Pure Life Prenatal Multi-Plus 5.1
55Thorne ResearchBasic Prenatal 5.1
56My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Essentials 5.0
57Kal (Nutraceutical)Advanced Prenatal Formula 5.0
58Nature's PlusSource Of Life Prenatal 4.9
59KarunaMAXXI-Natal 4.9
60CarlsonPreNatal Multiple with DHA 4.8
61NOW FoodsPrenatal + DHA 4.8
62NewMarkPrenatal Synbiotic Nutrients 4.8
63Design For HealthPrenatal Pro 4.7
64Priority OnePre-Natal 4.6
65Pure Essence LabsOne 'n' Only PreNatal Multiple 4.5
66Kal (Nutraceutical)Vita Mom Prenatal Formula 4.5
67Maxi Health Health One Prenatal 4.4
68Nature's PlusPrenatal Woman's Dietary Supplement 4.4
69TwinlabPre-Natal Care 4.3
70Nature's PlusPrenatal Liquid Multi 4.2
71Delta LabsMultivitamin Prenatal 4.2
72Centrum Specialist Specialist Complete Multivitamin: Prenatal 4.1
73Super Nutrition PreNatal Blend 2 4.0
74Integrative therapeuticsClinical Nutrients Prenatal Formula 4.0
75Enzymatic TherapyDoctor's Choice Prenatal Multivitamin 3.9
76One A Day (Bayer)Women's Prenatal Multivitamin 3.9
77Progressive LabsPrenatal Multiple 3.8
78GNCUltra Mega Green Prenatal 3.8
79Country Life Realfood Organics Prenatal Multivitamin 3.7
80WalgreensPharmacist's Support Prenatal+DHA 3.7
81Nature's SunshineNature's Prenatal 3.6
82StuartPrenatal + DHA, Multivitamins 3.5
83Olympian Labs Brand New Mother Premium Multivitamin 3.5
84Kirkland Signature (Costco)Prenatal Advanced Care Vitamins/Minerals 3.4
85Eclectic InstituteVita Natal 3.3
86Lifetime ProfessionalPrenatal Formula 3.3
8721st CenturyPrenatal Multivitamin + DHA 120 3.2
88Perry (Kirkman's Group)Prenatal 3.2
89Natures AidNatures Aid Prenatal Support 3.1
90BellybarBellybar Prenatal Chewable 3.1
91Nature's Blend (Swanson)Prenatal Formula Multivitamin 3.0
92Nature MadePrenatal Multi + DHA 2.9
93Nature's BountyPrenatal Vitamins 2.9
94Nutrition NowPrenatal Gummy Vitamins  2.9
95Vitafusion (Northwest)PreNatal Gummy Vitamins 2.8
9621st CenturyPreNatal 2.7
97Finest Nutrition (Walgreens)Prenatal Vitamin 2.7
98Sundown NaturalsPrenatal, Vitamin & Mineral Formula 2.6
99Body First (Allstarthealth)Prenatal Multi 2.5
100StuartPrenatal Multivitamin/Multimineral 2.5
101WalgreensPre-Natal Vitamin Tablets 2.5
102RugbyPrenavite Prenatal Formula 2.4
103Nature MadeMulti Prenatal, Tablets 2.4
104Olympian LabsAspiring Mother Premium Multivitamin 2.3
105Prescribed ChoicePre-Natal Multivitamin 2.3
106PremamaPrenatal Vitamin Powdered Supplement Mix 2.2

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